KiloBravo LLC OMEGA holster review.

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It wasn’t long ago that I was contacted by Noah over at Kilo Bravo LLC. He asked me if I wanted to check out their new OMEGA holster. Since I hadn’t had much experience with IWB holsters I thought why not.

Noah shared with me that Kilo Bravo had been started because he and his team saw there was something missing from the holster market. With over 36 combined years of experience they felt that they could produce a quality and well needed line of holsters and gear for the shooting and concealed carry market.

I’ll start with a bit of a side story. I received an OMEGA holster from Kilo Bravo and had started testing it out. I got an email from Noah not long after and he apologized for “putting a wrench in things” but they had decided to do a redesign on the OMEGA holsters. Originally they were making the OMEGA as an IWB and a OWB holster. The leather inner half had a belt loop that could be used to attach to a belt. Noah told me that with the OMEGA being so narrow and low profile, it was hard to get consistent retention due to natural changes in the leathers and to keep up with the standards they wanted to keep, Kilo Bravo had decided to offer the OMEGA as solely an IWB holster and they would send me a new one. The reason I like Kilo Bravo and I respect them as a company is just for this story. I respect that they are constantly testing themselves and the quality of their products. Instead of just being happy with a product that may be ok, they kept working at it until it was great.

Now to the OMEGA review. I will run down the main features of the holster first. The OMEGA was designed to be worn in the “appendix” position, just in front of the hip bone. They felt that no one else was making a hybrid holster that was comfortable and functional at this position. I tried it in this position and they are right. It was very comfortable and made no imprint for concealed carry. I also tried the holster in other positions such as behind the hip and small of my back and it worked well in all those positions. I also really liked that the holster only has one clip, not two like many other hybrid holsters. The leather was soft and felt good against my skin too. The clip position swivels and allows for just the right adjustment for comfort. The clip can also be adjusted to four different heights.

All in all, the OMEGA is a great IWB holster in my opinion. The only downside I can say with the OMEGA holster is that it takes a little bit of concentration to holster a pistol. Being so low profile and set as IWB, I had push the leather back to holster my pistol. That being said though, I don’t have a lot of experience with other IWB holsters and that may be a common thing. Also I assume it’s not to be used for holstering and re-holstering like you may do during drills or in competition. It’s a great holster to put on in the morning with your pistol and forget it’s there until you need it.




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