Seraphim Armoury Inc. 1911 Ghost .45 Review.

Seraphim Armoury Inc. 1911 GHOST 45ACP


When I got back from ShotShow this year I had a pleasant surprise in the mail. It was a Seraphim Armoury Ghost in 45ACP. I had been talking to the co-founder of Seraphim Armoury, for some time about their new line of quality affordable 1911’s and I couldn’t wait to get it our to the range.


From talking to the Chief Operating Officer I have learned that Seraphim Armoury is owned by 3 hard working ‘peace’ officers who work full time and are committed to common sense gun ownership in Canada. One of their main goals is to bring firearms to Canadian citizens with the best mix of quality for price.

Now, to the Ghost.

Below are the specs from the SA website:


FRAME RAIL Bottom rail
SLIDE 4140 Carbon Steel (Black Matte), rear wide serration
BARREL Threaded, 4.75” Hammer Forged. 4140 Carbon Steel (Black Matte)
SIGHTS Dovetail Front, Novak rear (Black Matte)
SAFETY Midsize
SAFETY GRIP Beavertail
SLIDE STOP Extended. enlarged
TRIGGER 3 Hole. (Factory set approximate 5-6 lbs.)
HAMMER Skeletonized round, with serrated top
MSH Metal 20 LPI Serration, Flat
GRIP Plastic (Black)
CALIBERS .45 ACP, 9mm Luger
MSRP $649

As I said earlier I had just gotten back from ShotShow where I handled many 1911 pistols. This Ghost was a remarkable piece in comparison to the price. This may seem to be the theme of my review but that’s what SA was going for when producing their pistols and they hit the mark perfectly. The fit and finish is top notch and I could tell that the pistols are manufactured and assembled by knowledgeable staff. The slide and trigger are both as smooth as any other high price 1911 I have felt . The pull, while crisp. is a bit heavy but that’s one of the things I love about 1911’s in general. When you hold and use a 1911 in 45ACP you know you’re utilizing a powerful firearm that the user needs to manipulate to work proficiently. The only other noticeable slight I could mention on this pistol were the sights. My Ghost came with simple and rugged sights, which were hard to use in certain situations. The pistol would benefit from some sort of high-visibility front sight for dealing with low-light situations. That being said, because of SA always trying to better itself, the next production run have a red fiber-optic front sight. That’s what I love to see, a company seeing that it can do better for the sake of it’s customers and doing just that. Newer models also come with a serrated barrel cap and two hole skeletonized trigger.


The first day I had the Ghost out to the range there was still snow on the ground and the air was chilling. Almost one of those days you want to call the range trip off and sit by the fire but the prospect of going out and trying my new SA pistol won me over. Truth be told, while I have handled many 1911’s I haven’t had many out to fire on the range. With that said, the SA Ghost is by far an exemplary pistol. All the other shooters at the range that day were happy to try it and had nothing but good things to say. With all the people at the range we had over 500 rounds through it of different manufacture’s ammunition and it had no issues. It shot straight and true and had no FTF’s.


I could go on and ramble off specs and differences between the 5 models of 1911’s SA offers but you can go to the website for that at With the 5 different models there is something for everyone in any budget range.



What I will leave you with is, for what it’s worth, my endorsement of Seraphim Armoury and it’s products. They have what I believe to be the right mindset in the way of business development and commitment to bringing affordable and quality products to their customers.


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